What Smells Do Mosquitoes In Conroe Hate?


This is a topic of hot debate among experts in the fields of repellent efficacy and insecticide testing. Mosquitoes are considered high-risk when it comes to pest-borne diseases, and an emphasis has been put on determining what products work best to prevent bites. Products that meet the highest standards in efficacy and safety get EPA approval. The issue with natural smells that deter mosquitoes is that they do not have the testing or EPA approval to confirm their ability to protect you. Today, we're going to take a closer look at this topic and discuss how you may be able to use certain smells to deter mosquitoes in Conroe, as well as the drawback to trusting these products.

What Is An Essential Oil? 

The natural smells that are used to prevent mosquito bites come from plants like lemon eucalyptus, lemongrass, geraniums, peppermint, catnip, and other plants. Manufacturers of these natural smells use various methods to concentrate compounds from these plants into oils. The extracted oils are used for many purposes, including relaxation and health. But, in recent years, they have become popular as a natural way to deter insects.

Do Essential Oils Work?

Yes. There are some oils that can deter mosquitoes. The problem is not that this natural form of mosquito repellent doesn't work, it is that there is no way to tell how well it will work for you.

  • Essential oils don't last long. If you put on a product that is effective, it can wear off at any time and leave you vulnerable to bites.
  • Essential oils aren't right for everyone. You could have an allergic reaction to certain oils.
  • Certain scents work to repel certain species. If you go outside with essential oils on and they aren't working to protect you (but you think they are), then it will give you a false sense of security.

It is a little bit of a guessing game. But, if you don't want to put man-made chemicals on your skin, you might be willing to try. We understand. Our recommendation would be to use a product that has oil of lemon eucalyptus. This extract is different from other essential oils. The distillation process used to create it seems to make it last a lot longer and offer better overall protection. Mosquitoes can spread very harmful diseases. This is currently the best natural option out there.

What Works Better Than Mosquito Repellent?

What if you could go out into your yard and have no mosquitoes out there to bite you? This is far superior to any repellent you could put on your skin. What if we were to tell that it is possible? With ongoing mosquito reduction in your yard, it is possible to reduce mosquitoes to zero. While we don't guarantee this, due to the variance in mosquito pressures, it is possible to achieve this with some properties. Why? Because mosquitoes have behavior patterns that make it possible to control them.

  • Mosquitoes don't travel far. The mosquitoes that hatch in your yard are likely to stay in your yard. The same is true of your neighbor's mosquitoes. This, of course, depends on how far away your neighbor is from you.
  • When a female mosquito comes into your yard, she lays a hundred eggs at a time. The mosquitoes that hatch from these eggs are the ones that are biting you.
  • When a female mosquito comes into your yard, she is likely to rest in your landscaping before she bites you—and before she lays eggs.
  • Routine treatments often eliminate females before they lay eggs and they work to eliminate any mosquitoes that emerge from eggs.

If you live in Conroe, Texas, consider reaching out to Chase Pest Control & Lawn Care today and investing in mosquito control for your property. There is no better way to prevent mosquito bites in your yard.

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