The Mosquitoes In Conroe Could Be Dangerous


Lapping up your blood is the key to a mosquito’s survival. Thankfully, their bites don’t hurt, and you won’t feel them. However, it can be hard to detect them in enough time to keep them off of you. Having a red and itchy welt is evidence mosquitoes have been around. They’re very hard to manage, which is why pest control in Conroe is your avenue to get rid of mosquitoes.


The danger comes with the mosquitoes in Conroe because they munch on both humans and animals. This is how the bugs are transmitters of disease. Ways to repel mosquitoes vary, but most independent techniques are profoundly imperfect. Learn more about the risks of these insects and how to deter them. Chase Pest Control can help.

What Happens To Your Blood In A Mosquito?

Enzymes are secreted after a mosquito feeds on you, and the fluid reaches the gut. Proteins from the blood are then dissected to be used for breeding. 

“Little fly” is what the word “mosquito” means. These insects are 0.12 to 0.35 of an inch long. Their most notable physical traits are prominent noses, thin legs, and scaly bodies and wings. Female mosquitoes feast on you for their egg production, as previously suggested. Allergies to their saliva cause aggravating bumps on human skin. Water has a reproduction part as well, in addition to overall nutrition. Larvae are reliant on the organisms. Thus, you can anticipate seeing these pests by standing pools. Flanking bodies of water will bring mosquitoes to your property. Greenery will, too, because of the nectar. 

Mosquitoes in Conroe are sure to come through open doors and windows or gaps in foundations. Closets and other dark places will be comfort zones to them. This is especially true if there’s dampness, like in a laundry room or basement. Spotting these critters or having ongoing bites verify an infestation.

How Does A Mosquito Help Spread Viruses?

When mosquitoes target an infected person or animal and go to the next being, an illness can be spread. With that in mind, every bug won’t make you sick.

Here’s some symptom information regarding the diseases you can get from mosquitoes:  

  • Yellow Fever: Liver, heart, and kidney problems
  • Dengue: Nausea, rashes, and fever  
  • Malaria: Chills and sweating  
  • Chikungunya (incurable): Fever and joint pain  
  • West Nile Virus: Mild headaches and fever
  • Zika Virus: Rash, fever, and muscle pain

Can You Repel Mosquitoes With Sound?

The notion that you can repel mosquitoes with high-frequency noises or an ultrasound device is a complete myth. Research does not support this concept.

What Is The Best Way To Deal With Mosquitoes?  

Home remedies to kill mosquitoes primarily have to do with combining water with organic elements. For instance, apple cider vinegar, garlic, mint, basil, camphor salve, and coffee grounds. While several insects may die, an infestation won’t. Squirting mixtures all around won’t do you any good.

Valuable ways to repel mosquitoes on your own are:

  • Burning candles containing essential oils
  • Setting mosquito traps; these must be cleaned often
  • Reducing standing water; drying pet drinking bowls, and draining swimming areas
  • Mowing the lawn and trimming greenery regularly
  • Swilling gutters frequently

We at Chase Pest Control have industrial-grade treatments to get rid of mosquitoes that are safe. Our expert technicians will install MistAway Mosquito Misting Systems and employ backpack foggers and liquid applications designed to address harborage points. You also will receive customer education about infestations. Take away the worry about diseases you can get from mosquitoes! Call us today for a free inspection and ignore faulty home remedies to kill mosquitoes! 

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