Why Termites Are A Serious Problem For Conroe Homeowners


Conroe pest control companies will tell you that termites are known as silent destroyers. These pests can cause severe damage before you even see the first signs of termites in your home. They slowly work at eating through the wood structures in your house, often in inconspicuous areas like behind wall boards, siding, and trim.

By the time you notice a potential termite infestation, they have likely caused much damage. Working with a professional termite control company is the best way to deal with a termite problem; these are not pests that will go away on their own.

Whether you have termites or not, a regular termite inspection should be part of your home maintenance plan. Prevention is critical when dealing with a pest that can cause this much trouble in your home.

How Long Does Termite Season Last In Conroe?

Termite season in Conroe is considered between February and May when the swarmers are active. Subterranean termites swarm in the morning, usually after a day with warm rainy weather. One sign of termites in your home is discarded wings near window sills and doorways. There may also be smaller swarms in winter if they are inside heated buildings.

Spring is not the only time the rest of the colony is active; they work 24/7 all year. There are a few castes of termites to be aware of, other than the swarmers. The reproductives are the king and queen. The queen can produce up to 1,000 eggs daily, so you can see how quickly an infestation can grow. 

The workers are the largest group in a colony; they constantly work, never taking a break, feeding on the softened wood in your home. They also care for their nest mates and repair the nest. Soldiers are the last group; they defend the colony from attack.

How Destructive Are Subterranean Termites?

Subterranean termites cause more damage than any other termite species. They have jaws that work like shears, eating through the wood in your home. You may be unaware that termites are in your home until significant damage has occurred. 

Any wood that is soft from water damage will attract these pests. You may find this damage in places around leaky windows, doors, sinks, and tubs. Leaking air conditioners and pipes can also damage the wood. 

Often a termite infestation goes unnoticed until it is relatively advanced. At this point, some signs of termites will be blistering or darkening wood structures, bubbling paint, soft hollow-sounding wood, and spongy feeling floors. 

Active termite colonies quickly grow and can work behind the walls in your home for years before you find them, at which point the structural damage may be irreparable. 

Why Termite Infestations Often Go Overlooked

The following are a few reasons people may overlook active termite infestations:

  • As mentioned before, signs of termites in your home often go unnoticed until the problem is severe.
  • Termite swarmers and their discarded wings may be mistaken for flying ants.
  • Subterranean termites live underground and travel through mud tubes to their food source. You rarely see them out in the open because they need to stay near moisture so they won’t dry out.
  • If you aren’t getting regular termite inspections for your property, you may overlook signs that a company would be able to spot. Termite control companies have experience and know the specific spots to address and the most likely places to find them.
  • Damaged wood in poorly ventilated areas like basements and crawl spaces may go unnoticed because homeowners often forget to check these areas.

A termite problem can cause enormous damage when it goes unnoticed for many years.

Why Professional Termite Protection For Your Conroe Home Is A Must

As we approach termite season in Conroe, it’s time to put appropriate protections in place to guard your home against these destructive pests. Regular termite inspections can help to catch a problem before significant damage occurs. Because these pests can be difficult to identify early in an infestation, preventive treatments can help stop a problem before it even starts.

Working with a termite specialist near you, like Chase Pest Control, can help you prevent costly damage to your home that is often not covered by insurance. We will work with you to find the best way to get rid of termites and keep them from coming back. We have the experience and knowledge to protect your home from termites year-round. Please reach out to us today to schedule your free inspection. 

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