How To Keep Your House Termite Free In Conroe


A termite problem in your Conroe home can be incredibly overwhelming and bring with it serious dangers. To learn how to get rid of termites for good, read our article for everything you need to know about this pest.

What Do Termites In Conroe Look Like?

Three main types of termites are likely to invade your Conroe property, though they do look pretty similar. Drywood, dampwood, and subterranean termites have small, oval-shaped bodies and stay around half an inch in length. In general, termites will have a tannish or white coloration that ranges to a dark brown or even orange color, depending on the age of the termite and their specific role in the colony. Each of these termite types produces swarmers, which are winged reproductive-focused termites.

How Do I Know If My Conroe Home Has Termites?

A termite problem can often start  small and may even go completely undetected until the infestation is out of control and the termite removal proves difficult. It is essential to learn the following signs of termites inside your home if you want to catch a termite problem before it gets started:

  • You may start to experience sinking floors, tight-fitting doors, and windows, or hollow-sounding wood. There may be a rustling noise inside walls at nighttime as the termites tunnel.
  • Mud tubes may appear around your property connecting from the soil to your home’s foundation. This is a serious sign that termites are moving inside.
  • Swarmer termites seen around your property and their shed wings around your windows, doors, and baseboards can indicate that a termite infestation is underway in your home.

What Does A Termite Infestation In Conroe Look Like?

An active termite infestation in your Conroe home can look fairly frightening, especially if you are starting to experience a significant amount of damage from this pest. If you notice these signs of termites inside your house, you should be reaching out to Chase Pest & Termite Control for termite removal as soon as possible:

  • Mud tubes will be found around your property and across the interior wooden areas of your home. These result from termites moving into your home and can indicate infestation.
  • Wood will appear damaged, rotting, or be completely hollow. You may see wood in your home starting to break down or have trouble with wood rotting away and becoming unusable. This can be incredibly dangerous if left unrepaired.
  • You see live termites in the soil around your home, in areas of rotting wood, or spread around inside or outside the property. Termite sightings are one of the most significant indicators that an infestation is out of control.

How Does Chase Get Rid Of Termites In Conroe?

If you want to know how to get rid of termites for good, your best option is to contact termite specialists for your Conroe property. The professionals at Chase Pest & Termite Control will provide you with an in-depth inspection of your property that identifies areas of termite activity and helps the experts to design a customized treatment plan. Once the inspection has been completed, the specialists will discuss treatment with you and then get to work removing any termite infestation from your property.

Contact Chase Pest & Termite Control and put your trust in termite specialists for your Conroe property.

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