Learn How To Get Rid Of Roaches Quickly In Conroe


Your pest control in Conroe is incomplete if you are not addressing cockroaches in and around your property. Cockroaches are one of the most common pests to infest Conroe homes. Learning about what attracts roaches, how they access your home, and how to keep them off your property can help careful homeowners live pest-free!

FAQ: Home Remedies For Roach Infestations

Cockroaches are filthy pests that can plague any unprotected home. There are thousands of different types of cockroaches worldwide. In the United States alone, there are 55 different species of cockroaches. The three most common roach species in the Conroe area are Oriental cockroaches, German cockroaches, and American cockroaches. 

Oriental cockroaches are also known as waterbugs since they love damp areas. These types of roaches are shiny, black, and grow to an inch in length. Female oriental cockroaches do not have wings. Male oriental cockroaches have tiny, underdeveloped wings and therefore cannot fly. 

German cockroaches are the smallest of the home-invading cockroaches in Conroe. They are about 1/2 inch in length and are light brown in color. German cockroaches have wings and occasionally fly, though they prefer running.

The American cockroach is the largest infesting cockroach in the United States. They can grow to over 2 inches long! They are brown in color and capable of flying. The American cockroach originated in Africa and now lives worldwide despite its name. 

The best home remedy for cockroaches is prevention. Preventing cockroaches from entering your property can save you a ton of frustration and money in the future. There are a few tips Conroe residents can employ to keep cockroaches away, such as:

  • Use a silicone-based caulk to seal cracks and gaps in walls, electrical sockets, and drains to prevent roaches from accessing the home.
  • Keep a clean and sanitary home to keep cockroaches from being attracted to your property. Sweep often, wipe up spills and crumbs immediately, and keep clutter off the floor.
  • Store food in airtight containers and avoid leaving pet food out.
  • Keep spaces well-ventilated and free of excess moisture.
  • Address other insect infestations, as these insects can act like a dinner bell to roaches.

With knowledge of these simple preventative measures, Conroe residents can keep their homes cockroach free all year. These tips are relatively easy and accessible for every Conroe resident to try.

How Long Will It Take To Get Rid Of Roaches In My Home?

It is impossible to know how long it will take to remove cockroaches from your home completely. There is no formula or set timespan for eradicating any infestation. Each home and pest problem is unique. Working with a professional is the best way to quickly and effectively get rid of cockroaches.

Finding The Roach Hiding Spots In Your Home

Cockroaches prefer warm, moist areas. They are frequently lurking in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements. The American cockroach, in particular, is drawn to human food; therefore, they will go anywhere people eat food. Telltale signs that cockroaches have been in an area include a musty odor, droppings, and egg capsules.

Keeping Roaches In Conroe Away From Your Home Forever!

The only way to guarantee that roaches are kept away from your Conroe home is to work with a professional. Chase Pest & Termite Control are experts in pest control. We provide free estimates and inspections to ensure that your home's specific needs are addressed. With over 20 years of experience serving Conroe residents, you can't go wrong with Chase Pest & Termite Control.

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