Are You Struggling With Smokybrown Cockroaches In Conroe?


Maybe you've heard of common cockroach species such as American cockroaches and German cockroaches, but these aren't the only kind of roach. Another cockroach in Conroe that invades properties is the smokybrown cockroach. These pests are prevalent in the southeastern states.

Unfortunately, just like other roaches, they are dangerous to have around. They invade large numbers and reproduce at rapid rates, so they are one of the most challenging pests to control. If you need help removing or preventing smokybrown cockroaches, the Chase Pest & Termite Control professionals are here for you. Discover more about dealing with these dangerous pests by reading on. 

What Do Smokybrown Cockroaches Look Like?

Smokybrown cockroaches are a dark brown to black color with a mahogany, reddish tone. The adults are around one and a half inches long, and the nymphs are smaller and have a white stripe on their thorax. Their overall coloration helps them hide in leaf litter.

Smokybrown cockroaches are sometimes confused with American cockroaches, but there are a few differences. Smokybrown cockroaches are a darker color but smaller in size. The reason the two look so similar is that they are closely related. 

Another interesting fact about smokybrown cockroaches is that they are one of a few cockroaches that commonly fly.

Are Smokybrown Cockroaches Dangerous?

Cockroaches are one of the most frequent pest invaders, and they are complicated to eradicate. But, they're more than just a nuisance. They spread many diseases, and some of these are pretty serious. Smokybrown cockroaches pick up pathogens on their bodies and legs, then spread these germs to wherever they go next. They may transmit illnesses such as salmonella and dysentery. Along with diseases, they can also cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks because of proteins in their skin and saliva.

Why Is It So Hard To Get Rid Of Smoky Brown Roaches In Homes?

Overall, smoky brown roaches like to live outside, and they need warm areas that are pretty humid to survive. Their preferred habitat is wooded areas with leaf litter where they can hide and get the humidity they require. They live inside holes in trees and under mulch. 

Smokybrown cockroaches get dehydrated quickly, so they will get indoors if the outside environment isn't humid enough. They are nocturnal and hide during the day, so they live in greenhouses and gardens around your yard. They'll look for dark, damp places such as gutters and attics if they get inside. They are mainly known for reproducing inside attics. 

They may also come inside in search of food sources and eat a wide variety of sources such as dead insects, meats, and sweet foods. You will need to discard any food they touch as they transmit illnesses this way. 

Total Cockroach Control For Conroe Residents

While smokybrown cockroaches are less likely to invade inside of your house than some other roach species, if they do, they are just as dangerous and hard to remove. The best way to prevent them is to remove humidity around your yard and house, but roaches are hard to eradicate without professional help. 

Conroe pest control services are the most effective and safest way to remove these dangerous pests. Our technicians can eliminate any existing infestations and prevent any from starting in the future. Call Chase Pest & Termite Control to discover more about smokybrown cockroach prevention and removal. We also provide quotes. 

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