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What are termites?

Termites are wood-damaging pests, that when invading our structures, wreak havoc by weakening the structural integrity. Termites are one of the few organisms capable of converting cellulose into a usable food source. When these social insects live outside and away from our homes and businesses, they play an essential role in the ecosystem, eliminating the ground of decaying organic matter. But when these pests are nesting in or near our yards, they often find their way into our homes and cause significant structural damage.

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Are termites dangerous?

Termites can stay well out of sight, nesting underground and feeding on wood, making it easy for us to forget that they are around.

Though termites are not pests that you see day-to-day, even if they are in your house, they are pests that cause more than five billion dollars in damages every year. Termites are not directly dangerous to people, but they are extremely dangerous to the structural components of our buildings and the state of our bank accounts.

Why do I have a termite problem?

Most species of termites have high moisture needs and are therefore attracted to areas of excessive moisture. Outside, they require contact with damp soil and prefer to feed on decaying or water-damaged wood. While having termites feeding on your home's structural wood often indicates that they are nesting in your yard, it is also possible to have termites come into your home from a neighboring property. Termites can travel 250 feet or more from their nesting site to a food source.

Where will I find termites?

The most likely places to have termites nesting in your yard are in the damp soil under woodpiles, fallen trees, and leaf piles. They will feed on and invade wood fences, utility poles, decks, and other wooden structures.

In our homes, termites will invade, tunnel through, and excavate wood to bring back to their nest in a variety of areas, including:

  • The structural wood around leaky windows, doors, sinks, and tubs.

  • The structural wood behind walls near leaky air conditioners or pipes.

  • Any wood in poorly ventilated crawl spaces or basements.

Since termites tend to stay hidden, you are more likely to see the damage they cause rather than the termites themselves. Signs of termites in your home may include:

  • Floors that feel spongy when you walk across them.

  • Windows and doors that don't open or close properly.

  • Paint on your walls that is blistered.

  • Structural wood that sounds hollow when you tap on it.

How do I get rid of termites?

Termites are a pest that is difficult to prevent and eliminate. The secret to getting rid of termites as quickly as possible and prevent them from returning is to partner with Chase Pest Control! Since 1997 our family owned and operated business has been dedicated to protecting people and properties in Montgomery County, Texas, against termites and other dangerous and destructive pests. We offer the effective services necessary to eliminate these pests as quickly as possible, minimizing the structural damage they cause. Call Chase Pest Control today to learn more about our reliable termite control solutions in Conroe, Tx!

How can I prevent termites in the future?

When it comes to preventing problems with termites, it is necessary to partner with a professional. In addition to implementing professional pest control services from Chase Pest Control, the following tips will help you avoid problems with termites. 

  • Trim shrubs and bushes back away from your home's exterior walls to allow for air to circulate and the sun to dry the soil. 

  • Make sure gutters are in place, and weatherstripping is around windows and doors to keep rainwater out of your home.

  • Make sure to properly ventilate your crawl space or basement to reduce excess moisture.

  • Rake wood mulch and soil back away from your foundation. 

  • Seal any cracks that develop in your foundation. Seal spaces around wires and pipes entering your home. 

  • If any wood in your house ever becomes damaged by water, make sure to replace it immediately.

  • Remove things like fallen trees, tree stumps, and unnecessary piles of wood or construction debris from your property.

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