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What are cockroaches?

Cockroaches are insects, and while each species has unique characteristics, they all share some features, including a flat-oval-shaped body, antennae that are as long or longer than the body, and six legs. Also, while many cockroaches are winged, most are poor fliers or don't fly at all.

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Cockroaches are nocturnal scavengers. During the day, they hide and rest, and at night they emerge to forage for food. Cockroaches feed on many of the same foods we do, which is why they have come to have such a close relationship with people and our structures. 

There are many species of cockroaches living worldwide. While roaches pose a significant pest problem throughout the United States, it is actually only a handful of cockroaches that have learned to make themselves comfortable in our homes. In our area of Texas, the most common species of roaches that look for ways to invade our homes and businesses include:

  • German cockroaches

  • American cockroaches

  • Asian cockroaches

  • Smoky brown cockroaches

Are cockroaches dangerous?

Cockroaches are more than just unpleasant creatures to have lurking in your home's dark corners; they are dangerous. While cockroaches don't sting or aggressively bite people, they spread a significant amount of diseases and parasites that can make people quite ill. 

Before crawling around your home, they were crawling around sewers, drains, trash, carrion, and other decaying organic debris. Cockroaches contaminate food prep areas, surfaces, and food with the pathogens they carry on their legs and bodies. Additionally, when cockroaches live near people, especially around children, they can trigger allergic reactions, skin rashes, and asthma attacks.

Why do I have a cockroach problem?

Our home or business can become a home to cockroaches for the simple reason that it's providing them with the things they need. If food, water, and shelter are available, they will take advantage. 

Some roaches, such as American cockroaches, will enter structures by moving through gaps around windows and doors, cracks in the foundation, or spaces around vents or utilities. 

Other roaches like German cockroaches that primarily live indoors are transported from place to place by people inside boxes, furniture, or appliances. However roaches get in, they will stay and quickly increase their numbers if their basic needs are satisfied.

Where will I find cockroaches?

You are mainly going to find cockroaches in areas that meet their moisture and food needs.

Cockroaches that live outside are usually found behind tree bark, in woodpiles, under mulch, in your garbage, and under dense landscaping and yard debris. 

After moving into our homes, cockroaches hide during the day in dark, secluded areas. Kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and utility rooms are where these pests congregate. Some of their favorite hideouts include:

  • The backs of cabinets and drawers

  • Cracks in walls and behind wooden trim

  • Behind baseboards

  • In upholstered furniture

  • Inside boxes or clutter

  • Inside electrical outlets or wall voids

Unless there is a big infestation present, you aren't likely to see cockroaches during the day. However, it is common for someone to discover an infestation after turning on a light in the middle of the night and seeing them scurry across a counter or floor. 

How do I get rid of cockroaches?

Cockroaches are never welcome on our Texas properties. We understand how unsettling it is to share a home with cockroaches and will work with you to solve the problem quickly. Since 1997 our family owned and operated business has been dedicated to protecting people and their properties from cockroaches and other unwanted pests. To eliminate these dangerous and destructive pests, we offer fast action and modern and effective services. If you live in Montgomery County and would like to learn more about ridding your property of cockroaches, reach out to Chase Pest Control today and learn about our cockroach control services!

How can I prevent cockroaches in the future?

When it comes to preventing problems with cockroaches, it is always best to partner with a professional. In addition to implementing professional pest control services from Chase Pest Control, the following tips will help you avoid having cockroaches take over your home.

  • Eliminate sources of water that cockroaches could take advantage of. Fix leaky pipes and fixtures, make sure gutters are working correctly, and repair leaky air conditioners.

  • Cockroaches are on a constant hunt for food. Eliminate sources of food by keeping lids on trash cans, recycling bins, and compost. 

  • Keep outdoor and indoor eating areas free of food debris. Store any food in the fridge or inside containers with airtight lids. 

  • Install door sweeps and make sure windows and doors have screens in them. 

  • Eliminate clutter in your home that may disguise a cockroach infestation. 

  • Inspect boxes, deliveries, furniture, and appliances for cockroaches before bringing them into your home.

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