Deck The Halls, Not The Pests: Holiday Pest Control Tips For Conroe Homes

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The holiday season is here in Conroe, and people are excitedly pulling decorations out of storage. If all things go well, this season could be one of the best. It all depends on what we do to make it great. One thing that lots of homeowners do not think about is how important it is to keep pests away. There are lots of little creatures that will quickly damage your holiday spirit and threaten the health of your loved ones.


We would very much like to help you preserve the season. Call our team at Chase Pest Control if you are looking for a simple option for pest control in Conroe to keep your home pest-free through the holidays. One of our friendly team members will talk you through our advanced offerings and find a plan that best works for you. Keep reading to find out what different types of pests might cause trouble inside your Conroe home and how to prevent them this season. 

Santa's Little Helpers: Common Holiday Pests To Watch Out For

There are lots of little critters that might invade your home during the holiday season. Many like to invade by crawling through gaps, holes, and other openings in the exterior of your home. Others might hide inside boxes of decorations and wait until you bring them indoors.

Common types of pests you might find around your living areas this holiday season include rodents, cockroaches, ants, spiders, and ticks. If you would like to avoid an active pest infestation, your best option is to bring in a professional. Before we discuss professional control, however, we want you to have some DIY tips and tricks that will help you keep pest invaders at bay.

Decking The Halls Without Inviting Pests: Pre-Holiday Preparation

Dealing with pest problems is not easy. Keeping invasive creatures out of your home, however, is not nearly as challenging. If you have some time on your hands, we highly recommend taking some time to implement some exclusion tips and tricks to reduce your chances of dealing with holiday pests. Here are some quick methods to start with.

  • Inspect your home’s exterior foundation for gaps, holes, and cracks. Seal these in using some silicone caulk or liquid cement.
  • Check your windows and doors to make sure they are working properly. Seal gaps you find using weatherstripping and door sweeps.
  • Make sure all of your window and door screens are working correctly. With this, make sure all of your unscreened windows and doors are closed when you are not using them.
  • Address damage to the exterior of your home, roofline, and roof.
  • Make sure your chimney has a rodent and bird-proof cap.

Excluding pests is only half the battle. To ensure invasive creatures stay outside where they belong, you need to also address factors that might invite them in. Here are some methods for DIY pest control.

Pest-Free Cooking For Festive Feasts: Holiday Kitchen Hygiene

One big necessity for preventing pests in Conroe involves reducing factors that might encourage them to invade in the first place. A lot of this includes general hygiene and proper food practices. To start, we recommend keeping your living areas clean. This should involve general cleaning as well as the occasional deep clean. We also recommend investing in trash cans with pest-proof lids and keeping bins clean. It also helps to store all of your leftovers, pet food, and pantry items inside air-tight containers and in the refrigerator if possible, as most pests cannot live in a cold environment.

If you would like extra protection against the pests in Conroe, you need some form of pest control services. We have amazing options for this at Chase Pest Control. 

Pest-Free Holidays Made Easy: Professional Pest Control

Finding reliable options for pest control in Conroe is not always easy. Many companies use a spray-and-pray methodology that is somewhat effective but does not provide a personalized approach to control. At Chase Pest Control, we prefer to treat every job as a unique case and design our services to meet the needs of each of our clients. If you would like help keeping different species away from your home and property this holiday season, we have everything you need to protect your home here.

Call Chase Pest Control now to learn more about Conroe pest control. We will share more about our services and find a treatment time that works best for you.

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