Everything Conroe Residents Should Know About Yellow Jackets


What is one thing you enjoy about spending time on your property? Do you have an amazing view of the sunset or a stream nearby? Maybe you have a deck with a built-in hot tub. Whatever it is that brings you joy from being outside, we know something that will certainly ruin your fun. We are talking about yellow jackets. If you suspect there is a yellow jacket nest on your Conroe property or you are looking for ways to keep these pests away, here are some things to consider today.

How To Identify Yellow Jackets

A yellow jacket wasp is easy to identify. A worker has a ⅜ to ⅝” long, black and yellow patterned body, six legs, and two wings. Another way to identify a yellow jacket wasp is by its nest. Different types of yellow jackets in Conroe build their nests in different locations. Some species construct large nests out of chewed-up paper on the sides of buildings, trees, and other tall structures. Others build underground, inside abandoned burrows, or within hollow trees. If you are noticing an influx of yellow jacket activity on your property but do not see a yellow jacket nest, be careful where you step.

Does Anything Instantly Kill Yellow Jackets?

There are a variety of store-bought products that can kill yellow jackets. Most involve a spray can of some sort. Although some products can kill yellow jackets, on contact, quickly, we recommend avoiding them in most cases. For a single yellow jacket that found its way into your home, these products can be helpful to dispose of them quickly. Just make sure not to breathe or touch the liquid that comes out of the canister. For larger nests, spraying will only make these stinging insects angry. If you didn’t know, yellow jackets can fly at over 20 miles per hour. That is faster than you can run. If at all possible, steer clear of large nests and do not try to handle groups of these pests on your own.

What Attracts Yellow Jackets To Your Yard?

Yellow jackets are a lot like bees. They like to fly from flower to flower and consume nectar. Yellow jackets are also known for eating things like insects, honeydew, pet food, sweet drinks, and scraps left out by humans. If you regularly host outdoor gatherings, feed your pets outdoors, or have a lot of budding plants on your property, yellow jackets will be likely to build their nests nearby. Keeping this in mind, sometimes yellow jackets find attractants on neighboring properties and will build on your property because there are convenient places to live, such as inside an abandoned burrow or hollow log. 

What Is The Best Treatment For Yellow Jackets?

There is nothing more intimidating than having a yellow jacket nest on your property. If you suspect these pests have built their home near yours, we highly recommend getting a pest control expert involved. At Chase Pest Control, we offer detailed service options to aid members of our community with stinging pests like yellow jackets. If you are unsure if there is a nest on your property or not, let us pay you a visit and perform a detailed inspection. One of our friendly and highly-trained technicians will identify potential threats and take care of any stinging insects they find. They will also suggest some strategies to avoid yellow jacket nests in the future. 

Contact us today to talk to one of our team members about pest control in Conroe. We will walk you through our options and help you schedule an appointment for your Conroe home and property. 

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