How To Keep The Rodents In Conroe Outside Where They Belong


Just when you thought you had your place all to yourself, you hear the scampering, squeaking, and chattering of rodents living within your walls. Fortunately, Chase Pest Control offers the most effective pest control in Conroe to evict rodents from your residence fast. Find out more about these nuisance creatures and how professional pest specialists can resolve your rodent problem safely. 

Do Rodents Travel Through The Walls?

If there’s an opening of any size in your home, rodents will do their best to fit through it. Often, these spaces lead to the inside of your walls, which you can’t access. Once inside, these critters have no problems traversing beams and thin cables as if performing a circus high-wire act. Conroe rodents trapped behind your walls can cause unhealthy conditions with their urine and feces, which create airborne particulates that waft through your vents that you and your family can breathe in. Therefore, contact your local pest management for professional rodent control in Conroe.

How To Block Mice And Rats From Living Inside Your Walls

If you’re hearing what sounds like mice inside your walls, they didn’t get there via teleportation. Look around your home, and you’re likely to find visible openings, gaps, or holes that small rodents, like mice and rats, can squeeze themselves into without a problem. Use foods like nuts, seeds, or sweet fruits to lure rodents out of your walls before you block access, so you don’t trap them inside. It’s best to contact your local pest control for their assistance with proper rodent removal. Once all the rodents have been extracted, patch up any breaches you see using caulk. Also, install metal grates around your drainage pipes and plumbing to keep rodents from accessing the inside of your walls.

What Are Non-Toxic Ways To Get Rid Of Rodents?

With more people opting to use non-toxic household cleaners, it’s easy to see why they’re also choosing safer methods to deal with common household pests. Homeowners with children and pets are mainly concerned with the effects of chemical exposure. Fortunately, many tricks, tips, and natural products exist for those wanting to rid their residence of many types of rodents while cutting down on the chemicals to do so. If you’re looking for naturally effective rodent control, some solutions can provide a measure of rodent relief.

You can use any of the following:

  • Kitty litter
  • Mothballs
  • Ammonia
  • Peppermint oil
  • Aluminum foil

Rodents have a powerful sense of smell, so one whiff of cat urine, ammonia, essential oils, or mothballs, and they’ll bypass your place for the next one. Also, rodents can’t stand the sensation of aluminum foil in their teeth. So, it’s a safe bet that rodents won’t touch items covered with it.

Rodent Control The Easy Way In Conroe

Even though rodents don’t make your life easy, getting rid of them doesn’t have to be difficult, especially when you partner with a professional pest management company. Pest experts possess the knowledge, background, and latest equipment to get rid of rodents in walls and other areas of your Conroe home quickly and safely. Why bear the brunt of trying to get rid of rodents yourself when experienced technicians have the might and muscle to do that for you?

Chase Pest Control has been delivering advanced pest solutions to our residents in Conroe, and the surrounding areas, for over 20 years. Referrals built our business, and our good reputation has kept us on top. Customers want to work with us, and technicians want to work for us. We care about your family’s health and safety and offer treatment options to remove different types of rodents from your property. So, reach out to us today to request your free inspection and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Conroe.

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